Life is too Short, Together We Can be So Much More.

I sat down quietly in the back of the crowded fellowship hall, content with my aloneness, and a hot cup of green tea. Sadness brewed inside me and I couldn’t understand why.

An older gentleman in jeans and a button down shirt, with salt and pepper hair sat down next to me and ask, “You all alone?”

Conversation started immediately, friendly, energetic, and full of wisdom. I quickly couldn’t shake the feeling that I was sitting with an angel.

Out of nowhere, the older gentleman said, “You can’t force advice on other people. They got to be looking for it. They got to ask for it. After all, that’s how God treats us.”

Suddenly, I wasn’t sad anymore. “Oh God, please help me to always look for your answers, please show me how to use that advice, and please let me ever grow closer.”

Life is too short for us to stand alone filled with hate.

Life is too short for us to stop listening to the angels that walk among us.

Life is too short, together we can be so much more.

Together we

Running all day, I expect so much.
Walking in the door, I expect so much.
Sharing my day, I expect so much.
I am lost in my thoughts and cannot break free.

Running all day, you wait for relief.
Watching me walk in, you wait for relief.
Sharing your day, you wait for relief.
You are lost in your thoughts and cannot break free.

Apart, we will never amount to more than one.
Together, we will be braided into unbreakable chains.
Apart, we will never see beyond our own noses.
Together, eternity lays out in front of us.

Together, we discover the depths of love.
Together, we throw it out onto the chaotic rivers of life.
Together, we watch it grow into a mighty stream.
Together, our love will power so much more than just one.