Loving till it hurts …

“I have found the paradox, that if you love till it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” ~ Mother Theressa

Some days I would really prefer to find a place to hide from the flood of life that is threatening to drown me. Some days I just tell myself that it’s someone else’s turn to love me. Some days, it just doesn’t work.

During those times I look to fill the void with tv or music or games – something where I don’t have to think.

Then that still, quiet voice reaches out to me and asks if we could talk. 

I really don’t want to listen. I really don’t want to do anything. Still, I have been a follower of Jesus long enough to know that I want and need to listen. So, relunctly, I go to my quiet spot and pray.

No matter how I feel, I always praise Him first. I thank the Father for the river of life that flows from Him. I thank the Son for loving me and paying the price for my sins. Then I sit quietly and enjoy His presence.

Somewhere along the way I learned the secret that I have to re-learn every day. The secret to life is to enjoy God. I enjoy God by glorifying His name. Then I re-learn how amazing a plan he has for my life. I revel in the amazing fact that God speaks unique wisdom to each and every one of his children, that He has unbelievable plans for all of us. Then I realize that I’m having a bad day because I’m focusing on me alone. 

After I leave my quiet place, I feel God coming with me. It feels good. And, suddenly, the day isn’t so bad.

When I love the people that God loves, when I love till it hurts, then the pain goes away. Then I see, feel, and experience the love that God gives to me – the love that I do not deserve. 

How can you love till it hurts today?

Thank you Mother Theressa for sharing God’s wisdom with us. We all are the better for it.

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