Only God …

The twists and turns of life take me to many places of wonder, and other places that i’d rather not go.

Life never claimed to be fair. 

Life never claimed to be just.

Life never claimed to be free of the aggregous pain.

I can still hear the voices of people who have been slammed to the ground.

“I’ve been laid off multiple times. Now I can’t find work.”

“She took me to court for a crime I did not commit. Now I may lose my kids forever.”

“Bankruptcy is my only choice.”

“Next week, I will lose my house.”

The voices don’t stop there, but I cannot bare to repeat any more.

Does that mean I should give up the hope during my painful times? Give up during the times when no matter which way I turn, all I see is despair and death and destruction? Is hopelessness my only path?

Only God can turn a mess into a message!

Only God can turn a test into a testimony!

Only God can turn a trial into a triumph!

Only God can turn a victim into a victory!

During the darkest of times, I do not pray for love or faith or even great riches. Those things hold no value to a broken heart and a broken life. 

During the darkest of times when light is just a fading memory, I pray for hope. Simple, pure hope.

Hope lets me see to the end of my strength, and past that point to where i can see the hand of my Lord and Savior working. 

Hope lets me see that my struggles are not in vain because I have the opportunity to help another be freed from the blackness.

Hope lets me know that I am NOT alone. That I am NEVER alone. That there is always another who has trod the same path as me and has conquered it.

Hopes lets me see and know and experience the depth of love for one who hung on a cross to pay for my sins. One who knows first hand my pain. One who has promised to take care of me.

Hope plus trust is faith.

Faith is choice I can make every good day and ever bad day.

On this day where we celebrate love. 

I celebrate the gift of choice. 

I celebrate the gift of faith.

I celebrate the gift of hope.

Only God … 

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