Many a follower claims to have no strength. Many a follower compares what they have with others. Many a follow doesn’t know the true strength they do have.

One day, I strolled out and met a startling sight – an oak tree was arguing … with a reed!

The might oak’s voice was deep and painted with strength. “Everyone knows that I’m much stronger than you. Just look at the powerful feats that I easily do. They use me to climb to see far away. They hide a tree house as fun for their young. They even tie ropes and swing from my branches. What strength have you to claim my sweet, little reed?”

The reed sat quietly and said not a word. The reed merely looked at the storm closing in.

A terrible storm struck with fierce wind and pounding down rain – the most terrible I’d seen in many a year.

The mighty oak puffed up and stood stoic and firm.

The simple, quiet reed did bend and lean with the wind.

When all was complete, the simple, quiet reed had endured the bad storm and looked out at a horrible sight. The might oak was uprooted and wrecked on the ground.

I stood there and marveled. Many a follower of God has stated quite plainly that they have no strength compared to their friends. “The truth is quite plain for all here to see. We all have our strengths and are made for our own unique purposes. You just never know, what storms God made you to endure.”

Be thankful for all the things you do have. When you lend your strength to those around you, you will be thanked for the power that God has given to you.

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