How do you suppose God feels when we turn our backs on Him? What kind of relationship are we building?

How do you suppose God feels when we turn our backs on Him? What kind of relationship are we building?

Let me tell you a story.

Anna stood in the stark silence that engulfed her. She stared at the large oak doors that had signaled the start of seven of the happiest years of her life – now, just a harsh reminder. The neighboring wooden frames waited in silence. The groves of evergreens that surrounded her whispered a cold wind that pierced her.

Jonathan spoke. “Anna darling, why do you always stop and stare at these doors.”

Anna replied simply. “The doors are closed.”

Jonathan laughed. “Do you expect them to open by themselves?”

Anna replied demurely. “Do you honestly expect you’re sweet little princess to open the doors for herself?”

Jonathan gave a deep, loving laugh, “Of course I would never lose an opportunity to let my sweet princess know that she is the most beautiful and special person in the entire kingdom. Please, allow me to open the doors and let the world know royalty is here.”

Jonathan laughed again.

Anna cried. “Oh Jonathan, why did you have to leave me so early.”

Anna stared at the closed doors. Tears streaming down her cheeks. She couldn’t bear to touch the doors. She turned and walked away. How could I ever have been that happy? Was that even me?

Suddenly, the doors burst open and yielded a shapely brunette in a long green dress. “You little whore, Anna. You killed Jonathan and you know it.”

Anna stopped slowly as her chin reached for her chest. Her long blond waves of silky hair covered the flash of anger.

Jonathan’s voice pierced Anna’s armor. “Don’t let Jamie bait you into another fight. Remember, when you yell, you lose.”

Anna sighed deeply, refusing to turn around. “We’re all hurting, Jamie.”

“How can a frozen, armored heart feel anything? Or, is the frozen princess thawing?”

“Please, don’t make this any worse then it already is.”

“What’s wrong, Anna? Does the truth hurt? Still, if there’s any opportunity to make this harder on you, rest assured, I’m happy to try it.”

Anna turned seamlessly on her heals and headed straight towards Jamie, her pants scuffing against each other was the only sound to be heard. Steal numbness replaced any sadness that had only just enveloped Anna.

Jonathan’s voice whispered urgently in Anna’s ears. “Don’t do this, Anna. Rage on rage won’t help anyone.”

Anna’s hand held tightly onto the hilt of her lethal dagger.

Jonathan’s voice pierced again. “Anna, it’s what she wants. Anna? Anna!”

Steal can be used to create magnificent buildings or beautiful and useful tools. In Anna’s face, that didn’t apply. In Anna’s face, her steal radiated armored and efficient rage.

Despite Jamie’s best efforts, she leaned away from Anna and held tightly onto the door handle for support.

Jonathan whispered urgently.

Anna stopped inches from Jamie and hissed through clenched teeth. “Excuse me. Inside, their asking for me.”

Jamie’s mouth went bone dry even as her palms dripped with sweat. She silently moved aside.

Anna quickly moved through the mud room, down the hall, and into the great room. “The less time that I spend in this place, the better.”

Jonathan’s jovial voice spoke. “I made a roaring fire for you, Anna. I know how much you love to get lost in the dancing flames after a brisk afternoon ride.”

Anna replied, “Thank you Jonathan. You think of everything. What would I ever do without you.”

Anna’s heart suddenly stopped in her chest as what she said sunk in. “Well Jonathan, I guess I’m going to find out now.”

Nothing in the room moved for a long time. Only the sound of a crackling fire could be heard.

Finally a servant appeared in the door. “Anna, you’re here! We had no idea. We’re so sorry to make you wait. I apologize for not removing the tapestry as you requested. But, no one can bear to lose the image of you and Jonathan. You both brought so much life into this hall. I’ll be right back with the Lord and Lady.”

The flames danced in Anna’s large brown eyes. Her ears reveled with every crackle and pop. Her mouth remained firmly shut.

Jonathan came back, “I’ve always loved that tapestry, Anna. What a wonderful gift you gave to me. Now I can always see you. Now I can forever revel in the love that we will always share.”

“How can I possibly shed any more tears for you Jonathan?”

The next thing Anna knew, she was standing before the Lord and Lady in the midst of a sea of astonished faces. “Anna, do you have anything to say?”

Anna looked down with shoulders hunched. Her breath held no life.

Jonathan spoke. “Anna, say something! Tell them!”

I have no idea what you’re talking about Jonathan. I have nothing to say.

The lord spoke again, “Anna Dubois, with nothing to say, you have been found guilty of murdering Jonathan Dubois. You are hereby banished from the no-tech zone. You will be sent to Acropolis where you will spend the rest of you natural life in the Ashburn maximum security prison.”

Jamie cheered. “Finally justice has prevailed!”

For Anna, nothing prevailed. For Anna, nothing mattered. Without Jonathan, life meant nothing.


Relationships are born in beauty and forged in fiery circumstances. The stronger we intentionally craft our relationships with trust and hope, the less our criticisms and murmurings will destroy. The more we know of the other person, the less we will be deceived. The more we share and support the dreams that we both have for a beautiful tomorrow, the less we will grow apart. Relationships require work to unlock the incredible benefits.

Could Anna have killed Jonathan?
What will Anna do now?
If you were Anna, what would you do?

How do you suppose God feels when we turn our backs on Him? After He sacrificed His only son to set us free. After He’s given us the wisdom of the bible. After He’s given us the path to justification and freedom and forgiveness and happiness. After He’s given us so much. How do you suppose He feels?

What kind of relationships are we building?

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