Reaching out for all I can, what is in my grasp? Strife or contentment?

My tears do bulge because I have no power.
They call in vein and ask for some respite.
“I have no chance to heal the strife or wounds.
No hands will help. Nor eyes nor ears do care.”
I’m so alone and no one understands.

The power resides with those who beat me down.
They hold my food and everything I need.
They tell me they know what’s best for me.
They pull my strings and make me do bad things.
My tears do fall in overflowing seas

To my surprise a hand comes reaching down
and helped me up and dusted off my strife.
“I’d like to help to show you now what’s wrong.
With both hands full you’ll aways want for more,
and then you’ll always live under their control.”

I asked for more, I did not understand.
“If all you crave is filling both your hands
then restless hands will always search for more.
With both hands full you’ll never know real peace
because all you’ll see is what they give to you.”

“Be satisfied with keeping one hand full.
Being satisfied widens your vision to use your gifts
better and better then you can ever imagine.
All you need is there within your grasp.
Wanting for more fights against using what you have.

Power comes through expertly learning a skill
And using that skill with God’s unfailing wisdom.

ECC 4:6 “Better is a handful of quietness than
two hands full of toil and a striving after wind.”


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