What are the invisible killers that all of us must face?

What are the invisible killers that all of us must face?

Remember when life gave us our first kiss
The moments were magical and life was bliss
Remember when the friendship was warm and inviting
Our words flowed in torrents and touches were exciting
Remember when our parting was such sweet sorrow
The ribbons of joy caressed us till the morrow

Life’s messages are blaring and declaring
that contentment is not what we are sharing
They cause me concern and I need your appraisal
Am I doing okay? Please give me your approval
Your caring words shower me with judgementalism
because you believe God gifted you with criticism

We are endlessly sad and tired
Friendship moments are all expired
Connected through angry exchanges
Pain increases and peace just ceases
I won’t help you and You won’t help me
You are are nothing and I need to flee

I desperately need your validation
your acceptance and approval are in question
I have no choice but to tell you how you should act
Your carping and faultfinding do not fulfill our pact
My rights, my needs, and my desires are what I crave
but our constant warfare is sending me to the grave

We are becoming experts at horrible words
that shred our hearts and souls as if we used swords
Pain mutates into fear and it grows so strong
that we accept it and live with it all day long
Fear filters your words to what I don’t want to hear
and words that were meant to heal will now only sear

Finally I see what my friends have been telling me
intelligent boundaries will erase my reactions to flee
To measure my words on the way in and the way out
Will help me to clearly see what my words are about
The invisible killer called fear will appear
I will see fear’s true colors so it can’t interfere

Life has given us another first kiss
Moments are magical and life is bliss
Friendship bands are warm and inviting
Words flow in torrents and touches are exciting
Our lives are full and amazing and sweet
Ribbons of joy hold us and our lives are complete

Fear infects our lives with hatred and war and pain
Whispering in our ears that there is nothing to gain
Fear robs us of peace by deepening our distress
Not warning us but completely stopping our progress
Only true love can conquer the horrible plight
Fight the fear by transforming your life with love’s daylight

Living life with paralyzing fear
Remember the attractions
Diagnose the distractions
Recognize the reactions
Examine the effusions
Detect the deceptions
Fight the frustrations
Rebuild the relations
Live in true love

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