Mr. Dove finds happiness in an eight inch fish

A man doesn’t know what true happiness is until he gets married. Then it’s too late.

Where do we find happiness and contentment? Events, movies, that next big raise? If the answer were so easy, why do we have so many unhappy and depressed people walking around? How would you answer that question?

I read about this older gentleman – retired, happily married, content with life. Mr. Dove, he found the answer!

When Mr. Dove was younger, he loved to fish. In fact, he caught more fish then were in that lake. And between the boat and the bar, his fish always doubled in size. But, when Mr. Dove was bragging on and on about that eight inch fish that he caught, his friend stopped him right then and there, “eight inches? That’s puny.”

Mr. Dove responded “I measure them between the eyes.”

After Mr. Dove left the bar that day, his entire life would change forever!

As Mr. Dove described it, “I was perfectly content in my misery, walking along the beach when The Lord himself spoke to me.”

“Mr. Dove, I want you to go to the capital city of your neighbors to the East, and tell them to clean up their acts or they’re going to get destroyed.”

Mr Dove responded, “The people who constantly steal all our cattle and silver and gold? The people who live in the city where it takes 3 days to walk from one end of the other? To the people who hate us? That city?”

The Lord responded. “Yes, that city.”

“Wow, how cool! I could be like Daniel surviving the lions Den – David killing Goliath. Wait, plagues! There could be plagues! Mr, Lord, I’ve got some great plague ideas for you.”

The Lord’s voice boomed. “Just give them the message Mr. Dove.”

“Can’t I just send a telegram?”

“No, Mr. Dove. Go!”

So, Mr. Dove ran, in the opposite direction. When the going gets tough, the tough get going – far away. He took a slow boat to China.

As Frank Sinatra said, “He did it, his way!”

I stopped reading. So, that’s where happiness comes from! I did it my way. I told my wife what she needed to do and by when to do it by. She had some choice communications with me. If mama isn’t happy, no one is happy.

Well, the Lord wasn’t too happy with Mr. Dove. So, he sent a nasty storm after him. It was so windy, chickens were laying the same eggs six times. ouch.

Imagine if a storm was following me around? Man, I would feel like Eeyore from Winnie the pooh. “sometimes storms get lonely, too.”

No wait, a storm following me around… I could be a superhero. I could be an Xman, like storm. Bumper to bumper traffic slowing me down? No worries, Super Stephen is here. A little wind will clear a nice path for me. Got a bad review from your boss, maybe some isolated thunder storms will help. Wow, that could be fun!

But, It wasn’t fun for Mr. Dove. When the ships crew found out that Mr. Dove was to blame for the big storm that was threatening to kill them, they had no choice but to throw Mr. Dove overboard into the stormy sea.

Mr. Dove pleaded. “Please Mr. Lord, save me!”

“Well Mr. Dove, I have an eight inch fish that can help you.”

“Mr. Lord, excuse me, but an eight inch fish seems kind of puny.”

“I measure the size of the eyes.”

Well, that eight inch fish swallowed Mr. Dove up whole. “A boat would have been easier, Lord!”

But, Mr. Dove didn’t die. He had time to sit back and think a spell – three days and three nights, in fact. Then, finally, that eight inch fish spit Mr. Dove out onto a beach.

Mr. Dove is sitting on the beach and he’s happy! I’ve got it. I went to work and I rubbed lots of fish guts over all of my clothes. When I saw my boss, he was furious with me and sent me home. Wow, that worked great! I’m really happy!

Well, Mr. Dove didn’t waste any time.

As Frank Sinatra would say, “He did it, the Lord’s way!”

Mr. Dove joined a caravan going to that big city. It took him months to get there.

When he finally arrived, the city already knew about Mr. Dove and his eight inch fish. What’s more, they listened to Mr. Dove. They cleaned up their acts and they became the best of friends with Mr. Dove.

Then Mr Dove explained it. “I found my joy in that eight inch fish. I found a friend. Someone who’ll always be there for me – through good and bad and thick and thin. I can’t even imagine where I’d be today if it weren’t for my friends. Let’s face it, friends make life a whole lot more fun.”

Sometimes, we all need an eight inch fish to help us to find happiness and contentment.

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