Dalmatians talking about friendship. Can You live with the pain of giving up?


Dalmatians talking about friendship.
Dalmatians talking about friendship.

The fabric of every life is woven into a beautifully unique pattern.
Sights and sounds create experiences that weave with our skills.
Amazing patterns emerge that are unique to our ingredients.
Each has a message for others that no one else can deliver.

Are you strong enough to do it on your own?

Each life was never created to be alone.
Ours lives uniquely blend together into an incredible quilt.
When we come together, the quilt is strong and sustaining.
We support each other. We provide for each other.

Can one patch simply be removed from the quilt?

If I try to pull one patch out of the middle of a quilt,
The patches around that piece will suffer.
Each piece has been uniquely designed
to offer support for their neighboring patches.

If one gives up, who will pay the price for it?

Through helping hands, we can get back up.
Through strength, we can take the next step.
Through tenacity we can be successful.
Victory goes to the one who chooses his friends wisely.

Can you live with the pain of giving up?
Who is out there that only you can help?
God works thorugh His body – us.


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