Say Goodnight to Hate

Say Goodnight to Hate

I’ve listened to you for far too long.
I’ve followed your lead and did what’s asked.
And now it’s time for you to leave
and say good night to long dark days.
You look upset. I’m so surprised.
Give me a break, she is my wife.

Remember when she said to me,
“It is my gift to prove you wrong.
I see your flaws and so must you.”
I felt her tongue and enduring wrath
and braved her endless public shamming.
She thought it love. She thought she cared.
She thought it wise, but she thought wrong.

I went to you for some advice.
“An eye for an eye” is what you said.
“You cannot let her walk on you.”
“Stand up and fight for your own rights.”
I followed your advice with all its twists
I did my best as I always do.
I should have known you’d steer me wrong.

For every act of revenge I paid
she gave ten more and made me pay.
I tried revenge in all its forms.
I tried revenge to make her quit.
All it did was make things worse.
All it did was kill my spirit,
for hate and pain were all I sought.

She is my wife, but not my friend.
I’m not sure where the friendship died.
She said to me on many a day,
It was her gift to prove me wrong.
She felt the need to show my flaws,
to help me grow to greater ways.
But in her hast she missed the point.
She missed the point and so do you.
If all I see is where I fail,
then I’ll never see where I excel.
Nothing good did pass her lips.
She never said what I did well.

You know she did what she thought best.
And I did what you told me to.
I cannot blame you for your wrongs.
It was my choice to follow along.
It was all that I did know to do.
I have regrets oh yes I do.

My friends are gone and loved ones too.
The bonds are dust and beyond repair.
Oh how I wish I’d grown up sooner,
But deeds are done and that’s a fact.
Just ask forgiveness and let it go.

And then I learned an amazing fact.
Give love for hate and not revenge
and bonds can grow with managed care.
Love, by far, is stronger then hate.
Ask one who knows, who’s tried them both.

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