How can I endure such change?

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How can I endure such change? Courageously stepping through change is like traveling through an arch into the misty future where rocks of doubt and pain abide. Yet, firmly planting a vision of my successful destination, as clear as this picture, covers up those rocks with the good soil of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and self-control – which makes my path through change that much easier.

My first step through change brings denial. Why should I need to change? So, I stop and consider the path – which invites in frustration. I know if I do not check the frustration, it can turn into anger – which will continue to deepen. I am afraid of the rocks of pain and doubt. For me, this is my most frightening step of change – fear in the form of anger. Many stop here. Many quit here. Many just stay angry.  That anger hijacks their thoughts and blocks all else – which deeply clouds their vision.

I strive to look at where I want to go. That vision gives me hope and joy. That vision gives me good soil of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and self-control for the path. I make my decision. I will keep going. That vision gives me the strength to step forward.

When I pass through the arch, I become calm and accepting of my decision to move forward.  This calmness cleans the filters of my vision and allows me, for the first time, to see the beauty of the path. I see many things that I’ve never seen before: The beauty of the color of the water, The amazing rock formations, the life that thrives here. Now I become excited that I made a good decision. And life moves on.

If the path I choose brings failure, it is not the failure that I focus on.  That failure actually gives me more information as to what the path that I want really looks like. With my vision tenaciously planted, and the new information about my path, I try again.

Every time I face the arch of change, I tread the same steps of change.

How can I endure such change? The beauty of the surrounding is always new – and that makes all the difference. The vision of the destination always moves me.

Where do I find the visions to keep me going? I find them in the bible.

Enjoy the path!


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