Wayland’s War – A novel by STGrimes – 06 Guilty

Wayland’s War – 05 Can Grass Move

06 Guilty

Eve’s voice returned. “Re-analysis of spending habits, entertainment choices, food choices, medical records, role-playing games you take part it in, ‘software’ that you create, social media interactions, radio station selections, and movies and TV shows that you watch. Re-analysis is complete. Earlier analysis confirmed that you lack control of your emotions. And, as a result, are prone to unnecessary emotional outbursts that have caused significant emotional damage. Significant resulting damage includes the loss of relationships with your wife Anna, your brother Jeff, and your lucrative business ventures.”

“Eve, what in world are you babbling on about.”

Then something titled “They’re Waiting to Take You” appeared on the screen.

Shallow at best
Did it all your life
Never did it well
The predators
You’re feeding them
They’ll destroy you
Worrying now
Anxiousness sets in
Anger is here
They’ll take it all
Too tired now
Don’t believe me
Keep not breathing
Feed your stress
Breathe deep
Fight for your peace
Breath deep for five 1000
Fight for your freedom
Breathe deep
Breathe deep for ten 1000
Breathe life into your dying world
With each deeper breath, watch worry flee
Realize that we belong to something greater then ourselves
Feel the anxiousness turning into a slow moving stream
Let peace be the umpire in your life
Always practice breathing deep
Feel the new energy inside
Breath deep
Breath deeper
Feel the new joy and love
Feel your body coming back to life
Discover the hidden world around you
Breathe deep and don’t let them take you

Wayland stared at the screen. “This doesn’t make any sense. What’s eve talking about.”

The door to the room exploded inward. Wayland raised his arms to protect himself from the flying splinters. The sudden noise was deafening. The light was blinding.

Wayland found himself being hurled to the floor by the FBI. “You under arrest for the misuse of technology. You have the right to remain silent …”

Wayland decided to not exercise his option to be silent, nor still. He jumped up and got into the face of the agent who appeared to be in charge. “You have no right to break into my house.” He jabbed a finger into the man’s chest as he tried to continue.

The agent wasn’t the least bit interested in listening, nor was he interested in being gentle.

The intense electric shock sent Wayland to his knees, then to blackness, then to nothing. When Wayland woke up, he was in a court room.

A man in black robes and a deep voice spoke with great pomp and circumstance. “Wayland Jackson, upon hearing the evidence from the witnesses, seeing the stolen computer programs, and reading the letter where you admitted your guilt, this court sentence has been reviewed and approved. You have been banned to the dark hole in the no-tech zone. Seeing that your wife and your family want nothing to do with you, you will be going alone. Looking at all of the skills that you current possess, or don’t posses as the case may be, it has been determined that you will become a new squire. You’ll be a weak and bitter squire judging by what I see in your files. Your propensity to spew anger will not serve you well there. I pray that that you learn how to deal with the fear that you’re trying so desperately to hide. If you remember nothing else, remember this. Sir Reginald is your boss now. He can do with you as he pleases. Sentence to be carried out immediately.”

And with those few spoken words, Wayland’s world changed into something he knew nothing about. Right then and there, Wayland made a vow. “Oh dearest Anna, what a beautiful set up. Lure me to a place where you knew that they would be able to find me. Lure me to a place where I wouldn’t be able to use one of my ‘creative’ exits. Oh, well done dearest Anna. But don’t worry my love, I won’t be gone for long. I will find a way to get out of the no-tech zone. And when I do, you will pay for this. I will make you pay over and over for his humiliation. Don’t think this is over my love.”

Wayland’s War – 07 Dark Places

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