Are you blind to my tears? Deaf to my prayers? Silent with my pain?

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees in Kailua, Hawaii -


Never blind to your tears.
Never deaf to your prayers.
Never silent to your pain.


Crying with you when you cry.
Holding you when you pray.
Strengthening you in your pain.


Ready to care for you.
Ready to show you a better way.
Ready to deliver you.


Great clouds over Beijing -

God is the great I AM

Dynamic planning for perfect peace and love.
Consistent teaching that’s proven to be effective.
Rock-solid faith to build incredible foundations.

God is the great I AM

Confident expectations for the bright future.
Proven guard rails for the safest path.
Quality leadership for a successful future.

God is the great I AM

Cross on a hill

Read His book
Follow His leadership
Discover the great I AM
Again for the first time


Photo credit: Rainbow Eucalyptus tress in Kailua, Hawaii –
Photo credit: Great clouds over Beijing –
Photo credit: Cross on a hill

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