The Secret to Success

Freedom of choice has always been a gift.
The choice is ours to take or give away.
Freedom to choose the paths we make and trod.
What thoughts or steps or words we choose to use,
we choose the things we wish to bring to life.

I used to choose a path that made me fail.
I fought myself and cursed and belittled each step.
“I do not know the strengths I have to use.”
“I only know the mistakes I always make.”
“I am so dumb I can’t do anything right.”

And then one day I simply got fed up
of constant pain and strife that knew no peace,
of hating myself and everything I did.
I finally knew I had to make a choice
to bounce right back and change defeat to joy.

With sadness and pain I looked at all I’d done
and with surprise I saw a pattern emerge.
The pattern I saw was simple and easily applied.
I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before.
So off I went to try out something new.

With every step there is an option for me.
I can create or hate it and destroy.
What are the things I can create each day?
Lessons and books and family and fun and health.
Or I can take each thing and tear it apart.

Now looking back at all the success I’ve had,
this little rule has really helped me out.
When processes are complex, I break them into chunks
so you can learn and use them for yourselves.
I’ve owned and run my own business.

With wood and nails, I create the things you need,
cabinets and shelves and nicknacks and armoires and bed-stands.
The certifications I hold are twenty and one.
And with my trombone I’ve taken a European tour.
These hands have even saved an innocent life.

I am unique with gifts and skills and experience.
I have been blessed with everything I need.
Some thoughts will fight and say I don’t believe,
but I fight through and take it to the end.
Now that’s the secret with one thing left to say.

This gift is junk unless I pass it on.
Make a choice and take a stand.
Take all your thoughts as captive bands.
Flee from hate and destroying ways
And choose to create and make something new.

Will you create or hate it and destroy?

Choices by Daniel Nelson at

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