Restless Eyes That Know Not Where to Look

I watched with rapt attention at nothing at all.
Heavy hands of relentless time clicked loudly.
Rusting knobs did long for something to do.
Metal fans gave up the search for a charge.
The tides came in and left in quiet shame.
Piano keys caked high with dust did sigh.
With each sunset a trillion daggers flew.
And paint did peal before my very eyes.
A decade long of agonizing death.

I shut my eyes and licked at wisps of air.
My lungs did rage at trying something new.
My gray pallor of distressing sleep did speak
of long lost hopes and dreams of life long gone.
There’s nothing now these hands do want to create.

With each new day I pray she will come home.
That fate somehow will smile upon my tears.
But each new night takes pieces of my hope.
A relentless thief replaces hope with strife.
It won’t be long before I’m ashes and dust.

And then one day she walked right through those doors
with shoulders hunched and slowly scraping feet.
Her long lost words sent shrills into my ears.
And eyes that never reached into my soul.
A limp handshake sent bile into my mouth.

My best of friends did finally return to me.
She should have stayed away and let me die.
It wasn’t until she left my house again
that I did learn how to forgive completely.
And only forgiveness did let me heal and grow.

Surrounded by a dark and gloomy forest
That taunted me with pain and grief and strife
I learned to keep a pace that kept me moving on.
And then one day before my un-expecting eyes
I left the dingy forest for awe inspiring plains.

Should I look back and whine about the work it took?
Or look ahead at what’s in front of me
and know the challenges that I did face
have brought me to a better place.

Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness by


Photo Credit: By Daniel Nelson located on

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