What does life look like from the eyes of a hero?

My brow does sweat with drops of blood,
but that is now my least concern.
My knees do bleed from kneeling down,
but why should I give care to that?

My knuckles throb from gripping tight,
I doubt I’ll ever grasp again.
My heart does threaten to explode,
it makes it hard to hear their words.

How long can I endure such pain?
When will I know this path is right?
How long can I be this fatigued?
When will I get a bit news?

Where are my skills to lead this group?
When will some peace be-still my heart?
Where is my strength to keep this pace?
How can I take just one more breath?

I read the news a thousand times.
I scan my plans a million more.
The time is now to speak to them.
I beat my legs to wake them up.

I walk out to the edge of time
and there in silence are millions of souls.
They look to me to lead them on.
They look to me to give them strength.

“We will endure. We will fight on.
For self reliance. For our freedom.”
Then deafening cheers do reach my ears.
They know their hero will help them win.

“Where is your fear?” they say to me.
“Do you know pain just like we do?”
I look to them and take deep breaths.
“A hero knows to step once more.”

And daylight came with one more step.

A hero is just another life.
We all need God to know what’s right.

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