Reflecting What You See in Me. John 14:9

What I do ask, I ask not for me
I need sharp eyes to see what You see
and ears to hear what Your ears hear
Let steps I take follow Your paths
and let me greet who I need to meet

Give me strength and wisdom and faith
To tackle the tasks you’ve put on my plate
May feet just fly with lightning fast cheer
and hands that write with Your inspiration
and words that flow with great invigoration

I know that this request is extensive
But Your love is best seen when it’s expressive
Please let me feel everything that You feel
Love and joy and peace and there’s even pain
You turn it to good so there’s so much to gain

My wants and my needs are to be like You
Please give me knowledge to know what to do
Let it seep through the depths of my soul
Let it be kneaded into every space
That I may run a remarkable race

I could never learn any of this on my own
Not ever not even when I am full-grown
You’ve given so much to me and I’ve found
With everything I know that I’ve been through
I need to learn how to reflect more of You

You are king of kings and lord of lords
There is nothing that You can not ford
You paid the price for all of my mistakes
What I have asked, I ask not out of nerve
for the one that I seek taught me to serve

The spirit is very near to me now
Like He always is though I never know how
He whispers and comforts and sees to my needs
Please help me reflect all that I am to be
And all that there is that you see in me

Jesus reflected the Father and I reflect You
“Whoever has seen me has seen the Father”

John 14:9b GNT

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