Wayland’s War – a novel by STGrimes – 04 Sewing Seeds

Wayland’s War – 03 Angergy

04 Sewing Seeds

The most striking thing about Isobel was that she was so much at peace. She radiated it and that magnified her legendary beauty ten fold, if that was even possible. Even the moon was jealous. And, on this night, the moon shone full force and fought back by stealing all of her peace.

Isobel struggled to find some comfort from the fire dancing merrily among the logs. “I fell asleep again last night thinking of you, my handsome Kyle. The wonderful visions that played across my eyes when I was asleep brought me great joy … and great sorrow.

You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, and I love you so much. My life would simply not be the same without you, and you are giving me plenty of experience to know that as truth. Now you are telling me you will not stay here … again…. And that is the most difficult thing that I have to face.”

“Isobel, please. We are being attacked. They need me.”

“I dream of the time when we can be together … and stay together. How long are you going to be gone this time?”

“Isobel, please. Be reasonable. You knew this would happen when we married.”

“You are the only knight who has not taken his given leave between wars. Even the king has spent more time with his family than you have.”

“Let me try a different tact.” Kyle drew his sword.” This blade is easily 40 inches long, with a blood groove and the symbol of a dragon painstakingly carved into it. The handle is intricately detailed with the claw of a dragon protecting my hand during a sword fight. Its silver finish is trimmed with gold and blood red rubies. It’s a lethal work of art.”

Kyle turned and admired the weapon in his hands. “Who do you think spent the most time crafting this exquisite sword? Was it the smith who spent innumerable hours heating, folding, and quenching this piece of metal into something that resembled a blade? Or, was it the smith who spent countless hours honing the blade, removing burrs from the edges, and smoothing the surfaces of the soon-to-be cutting tool?”
Isobel sighed deeply. “I’m sure that I have no idea.”

“No, not them, most of the time surely must have been spent in the final step of preparation that transformed this blade into a lethal work of art. The most crucial step: polishing. The polishing of a sword blade is a ritualistic and ceremonial endeavor.

While the smith forged the blade with love, the polisher turned this killing tool into an object of art — something that is as beautiful as it is utilitarian. Each craftsman who worked on the sword put something of his own spirit into it. The sword is more than the sum of its parts. Forging, honing, and polishing.”

Isobel poked at the fire, refusing to make eye contact. ‘Kyle, it warms my heart to know that you like your sword so much. How long are you going to be gone this time?”

“Isobel, people should be treated in the same way as my sword. We are a team. We work together. That is the strength of our clan, the Werlon Clan!”

“Kyle, you are a seasoned veteran of war and very good at what you do. How many times have I stood in the doorway saying goodbye? I lost count long ago. Goodbye after goodbye after goodbye, and every one harder than the last. This is worse than the knights of old going off to war. Sure, they would be gone for years. But, there was only one goodbye! How long are you going to be gone this time?”

“Isobel, you don’t understand. War will continue to rear its ugly head while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour us all, a destroyer whose face continues to change. I do not love the sword for its sharpness, or the arrow for its swiftness, or the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend. I am here to defend you, protect you, and provide for you. How can I show my love any more than that?”

“Kyle, my love, I’m touched by your spontaneity. Obviously you’ve been practicing this speech for quite a while. How many of your knights have you used it on I wonder. Kyle, please try and listen. I’m stuck in this house most of the time, away from the castle and all of my friends. Now we have twins and you are never here. It would be most considerate if you actually were here to enjoy them … and me. How long are you going to be gone this time? May I at least go and stay at the castle?”

“Isobel, I spend most of my time these days counting the moments until I can see you again. This pain is by far worse than any other pain that I have endured. The pain is becoming unbearable. I don’t know how much longer I can stand to see your tears.”

“Kyle, hear my words. I understand that you love your work more then me. I made my peace with that many seasons ago. Kyle, you simply do not understand. Perhaps I need to be more blunt with you. You know that I am skilled with the sword, with horsemanship, and with leadership. I took my father’s place when he became ill. Still, it is not my place to say this, but I’m going to. The pain of us being apart is starting to take its toll. I fear for you. You are becoming distracted. I can hear it. Kyle, please, this time, do not go.”

“I have to …”

Isobel looked deeply into Kyle’s eyes. “You know better than me that this time is different, I can feel it. Don’t deny it, I see a fear in your eyes that I have not ever seen.”

Kyle could not bring words to bare. Silently, he replaced his sword, picked up his pack. His boots echoed throughout the wooden fortified home. Even the wooden figures of the many forest animals shivered at his leaving.

Isobel had no idea how long she sat there staring into the fire. A sudden loud rapping at the front door brought her back to reality. Isobel rose, walked down the stairs and opened the front door. “Lord Rex, I bid you greetings with the peace that passes all understanding. But, I’m afraid that I am not prepared for visitors. Please forgive my appearance. What brings you here?”

“Actually, I was wondering whether Kyle was still here,” Rex stated simply.

“Oh. Please, come in. May I offer you something to drink? Kyle isn’t here. Actually, he only just left. Perhaps you can catch him.”

“That would be like Kyle to leave early. Well, the matter with Kyle is minor and can wait. Perhaps I can rest here for a bit before heading back.”

“Forgive me Lord Rex, but are you not worried about the attack?”

“Actually, that was my news for Kyle. The reports were wrong. The attack is actually quite small. Kyle should be back soon.”

“I would be honored to have a lord of the realm spend time with me before you are required to head back. Would you like some water?”

“Rex waved to the knights guarding the house before he closed the front door. Water sounds good. Thank you.” Rex idly played with a well-worn stone that sparkled at his touch.

Upon entering the front door, Rex found himself in a small cove that served as a mudroom at the foot of a set of stone stairs leading upward. Benches lined the wall on either side of the door. Above the benches were wooden pegs where various items could, and did, hang. People could easily make themselves comfortable by taking off their boots and cloaks before entering the main part of the home. The stairs themselves were of smooth stone, and they sloped up to a wooden floor about five feet above the cove area.

While Rex was removing his cloak, Isobel proceeded up the stairs and spoke to Rex over her shoulder. “Let me get you some water while you’re taking off your cloak. Please come up to the table when you’re done.”

After removing his cloak, Rex walked to the top of the stairs and looked around at a warm and inviting room that spread out before him. “I see the heart of an artist in these walls. Magnificent wooden carvings of all shapes, sizes, and types of wood… working together in together in harmony … to tell a story like a bard. This is like walking through a forest frozen in time. This artist’s hand knows nature intimately and has the patience of a master to repeat it’s form. I could spend hours just looking at the carvings. Please tell me that this is by your hand.”

“Your words are most welcome and very kind. And for that I thank you, please come and sit down at the table.”

Rex took a few paces forward but paused and looked up. “Are those nests? It looks like you have a series of walkways up there amongst many nests. The timber is stunning. And, is that … an eagle?”

Isobel noticed Rex’s reaction and signaled to the eagle. The eagle immediately left its perch and floated up into the darkness and out of sight. It seemed that the eagle had a way to enter or exit the house on its own.

Rex watched the eagle for as long as he could. Suddenly, he heard something running across the floor and looked down to see what it was. Before he could identify the source, he found himself falling over backwards.

Rex was on the floor with four cubs running all over him. He was laughing as he attempted to unravel himself and get back to his feet. Then, as quickly as the cubs had appeared, they were gone again.

Isobel failed in her attempt to stifle her laughter as she spoke to Rex. “Milord, please forgive me, I should have warned you. But, have no fear; I have sent the cubs back downstairs to their den. They shant bother us for a while. They are difficult and independent. But it is my prayer that I can teach each of them enough that they would be able to survive on their own. A difficult task, but I think that it can be done.”

Rex carefully raised himself off of the floor. “A truly noble quest. You have learned to express your talents in such beautiful and wonderful ways.”

“That is very kind. Thank you.”

Rex finished looking around the room. To his left, lying on the pine needles on the wooden floor was a unicorn so intricately carved that it was virtually impossible to tell whether it was real or not. Directly across the room, Rex saw two doors – one of which was closed. The door that stood open held a set of stairs that led down. This must have been where the tiger cubs had disappeared.

Rex turned to his right and walked over to the large, redbrick fireplace. He played with the iron kettle that sat quietly on a metal arm that had been swung away from the fire. “Please say that I may be able to see those wonderful cubs again. I do not believe that I have ever been a witness to cubs so young.”

“I wish it were that easy. I don’t want them to get too used to people. In the wild, people will not be so friendly to them.”

“Sadly, you speak the truth.”

“I believe you wanted some water?” Isobel said with a warm smile. Rex watched Isobel exit through the closed door next to the stairs.

It wasn’t long before Isobel returned with two mugs of water and set them down at the well-polished wooden table in front of the fireplace. “Please, come and sit down — in a chair this time,” Isobel said with a laugh.

Rex groaned heavily, feigning death. He fell to his knees on the bearskin rugs in front of the fireplace. He slowly crawled over to the offered chair. Then, with his supposed last ounce of strength, he pulled himself up and heavily sat down. He let out a huge sigh as his head fell back and his arms fell lifeless to his sides. After a moment, he slowly picked up his head and, with mock labored breathing, said, “I … don’t … think … that … I have … the strength … to drink … the water … of such … a kind lady. Argh!”

Isobel laughed and said, “Are things going so badly that the weak and sickly Lord of the Rana Province can be bested by four cubs?”

Rex lifted a shaky hand and moved it towards the mug of water. With great difficulty, he lifted the mug and took a deep drink of water. Immediately, a surge of energy appeared as he straightened up. “Ahh, I have been saved by this miraculous mug of water!” he said with a deep laugh. “The Rana Province is in great debt to you.

Isobel laughed again and asked, “So, how are things in Petra these days?”

Rex immediately turned serious and thought for a moment before answering. “Things have been better. In fact, I’m also here to advise Kyle about some trouble that may be arising. We have found traces of Rogues in the area and I wanted to let Kyle know about them.”

“Forgive me milord, but isn’t this old news? Why come here? I don’t understand the need.”

Rex continued to play with the stone under the table. “I have new news since the council meeting. I was hoping to catch up with Kyle here.” The stone’s sparkle increased in intensity.

Isobel reached for her water. The drink touched her lips and her face went completely blank for a moment. “Oh, I’m sorry, for some reason I’ve totally lost the trail of my thoughts. What were you just saying?”

“I would like to wait here for the return of Kyle.”

“Milord, I have to tell you that Kyle may not be back for days. Perhaps, you could give me the news and I could relay it to Kyle. I know that Kyle will be sad that he missed you, but I have no desire to waste your valuable time…”

“I am in no rush. I can wait for Kyle to arrive if it’s no trouble for you. Do you have time to talk now, or do you have duties that require your attention? The few times that we have been able to talk have been a true pleasure for me….”

Isobel suddenly stared into the fire and became lost in thought.

“I would love to hear everything that’s on your mind…”

Isobel suddenly blurted out “Oh, Rex, I’ve had so much fun playing with James and Jessica today! Have you seen the twins yet? No, of course not! You simply must come and see them. They’re sleeping now, so you’ll have to be quiet.”

Rex smiled. “I’ve heard so much about the twins. I would truly enjoy seeing them.”
Isobel stood up and returned Rex’s smile. She grabbed Rex’s hand, and led him down the hall to the left and into one of the back bedrooms.

“They are beautiful children.”

“Oh Rex, they are such wonderful children. I love being a mother! James took his first steps today! Oh, I couldn’t believe it!”

“You must be very proud!”

Isobel started to giggle. “We’d better go back to the other room before we wake them!”
When Isobel came back into view, her giggling turned quickly into a frown and she crossed her arms. “Milord, please forgive me for giggling. It seems to me that your time would not be best spent waiting for Kyle to return. I would be more than happy to give a message to him.”

Rex continued to play with the stone as it began to glow. ”Isobel, tell me more about your children.”

Isobel looked confused again. “Milord, what were you saying?”

Rex took a step closer to Isobel. “Please, Isobel, tell me more about your children.”

“Well, I suppose so. I would like to share what they’ve done. Let’s sit down at the table. James took his first steps today. A couple of unsteady steps, but I wasn’t helping. He was reaching for me and wanted me to pick him up. I let him take a couple of steps then I just had to pick him up. Oh, it was so precious! I simply can’t tell you how exciting it was!”

“And Jessica. Jessica hasn’t walked yet, but she’s close. I just don’t think that Jessica is going to let James get the best of her. Jessica is so funny. When she gets excited, like when she wants her favorite toy, she starts to crawl backwards. Then she starts getting frustrated because she’s not getting closer. Then she tries to calm herself down and tries to get to the toy again. It just makes me laugh. She is so cute!”

Isobel began to look around the room. She ran a hand through her long hair and started to twirl it with her fingers. “I just know that they are going to start climbing soon. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when that happens. I’ve already started putting things away…”

Isobel sat back in her chair and crossed her arms. “Rex, I must be greatly boring you. Surely there are other more important things to do then to listen to me talk about my children?”

Rex leaned forward with his arms crossed on the table. “Isobel, please continue. I am enjoying this a great deal. I want to hear every detail.”

Rex listened as Isobel talked about how James first stood up, and about how scary it was when Jessica nearly fell down the stairs, and about how far James could throw his food, and about how Jessica threw her food at James.

Then Isobel suddenly stopped and looked at the door and covered her mouth with her hand. “Milord, we should wait for Kyle.”

Rex put his elbow onto the table and leaned forward onto his hand. “Isobel, you are in the middle of a great story, you can’t stop now. Please tell me the rest.”

Isobel paused and quietly watched Rex as she started to twirl her hair again. “Well, it really is a funny story. You see, Jessica can hit James with the food and James get’s all confused and starts throwing his food in all directions, but never seems to hit Jessica. For Jessica, this is a great game. She loves it!”

Then Isobel hesitated again and looked at the floor. “Milord, please, I am tired. Can we please continue this in the morning?”

Rex took a sip of water and paused to think about what Isobel had just said. “Isobel, you are very interesting. You weave such wonderful stories. I want to hear more!”

Isobel didn’t look up as she turned away from the table. “Milord, I’m very tired. We need to continue this in the morning.”

Rex paused a long time while he idly played with the glowing stone in his pocket. When Isobel finally made eye contact with him, he continued. “Isobel, something is wrong? What’s vexing you? Tell me everything. I have a willing ear.”

Isobel stared into Rex’s eyes and hesitated. “Are you sure you want to hear this? Is really is quite boring.”

Rex held Isobel’s stare and paused to consider his thoughts before responding. “Yes Isobel, I want you to tell me everything. You give so much of yourself to everyone. Now, I want you to completely trust me and tell me everything.”

Isobel turned to stare into the fire. She watched it for a long while before she once again began to speak, “This has been a great burden to me for a long while …”

Rex moved his chair closer to Isobel’s. Then he leaned forward and touched her shoulder. “I am here. You can trust me.”

Ever so softly, Isobel began, “Kyle and I have been fighting recently. The fights have been getting worse and worse. Milord, I should not be speaking on this!”

Rex played with the stone in his pocket as he gently rubbed her shoulders. He watched Isobel as she stared at the fire. Finally he responded. “Isobel, you need to talk about this. You need to tell me everything. When you share this with me, you know that it will ease your pain.”

Isobel stared blankly into the fire, the pain readily apparent on her face. “Milord, it is true. I do need to speak of this.”

“You know that you will feel much better when open up your thoughts to me.”

Isobel looked up to the ceiling and back to the fire. “Milord, I can’t believe that you are interested in this … Milord, Kyle would want to be here to talk with you … Rex, I really am very tired … Rex, are you sure you want me to continue?”

Rex put his hands in his lap and paused to watch Isobel. “Isobel, you need to talk about this. You need to tell me everything. When you share this with me, you know that it will ease your pain.”

Isobel watched the fire dance in the fireplace. Then, she turned in her chair and faced Rex. “I really do need to talk about this. I can’t keep it inside anymore.”

Then Isobel began to share about the fights that she had been having with Kyle. She shared how horrible she felt … She had said many mean things … She was so afraid and so lonely … and Kyle kept leaving … She cared more about being with him then about having a nice house. Isobel talked for a long a while.

Then the tears began to fall, and Rex offered a shoulder.

Isobel put her arms around Rex and cried into his shoulder for a long while. When the crying began to stop Rex spoke. “There now Isobel, see how important it is that you are completely open and honest with me. Don’t you feel better?”

Isobel leaned back n her chair and rubbed the tears off of her face. “Oh, I do feel better. Thank you Milord. That was extremely kind of you to listen to me. ”

Rex played with the glowing stone in his pocket. “Isobel, you are very welcome. May I impose on you?”

Isobel immediately looked down and to the right as she began to play with her hair. “What would you like Milord”

“I would like to hear more about James and Jessica?”

Isobel looked straight into Rex’s eyes and couldn’t hide her smile. “Really?”

Rex held her eyes and smiled back. “Beautiful Isobel, I want to hear every word.”

Eventually, Isobel was telling Rex of the children’s first words, their first steps, their favorite games, their favorite toys, and their favorite foods. And, Rex was attentive to every word.

“Well, Rex, I can’t think of any other time that I have talked so much about the twins. I am simply out of breath! I only hope that I have not completely bored you. I can’t think of anyone else, including Kyle, who has ever listened to me talk for so long about James and Jessica. Thank you! This is something that I greatly appreciate.”

“Lady Isobel, it has been my pleasure to listen. It is I who has been blessed. You are exquisitely graceful with your words and with your gestures. You voice is like music. And that is a very pretty dimple on your cheek. I have thoroughly enjoyed being here. Please know that I am willing to listen to anything and everything that you are willing to share with me. You are indeed an exquisite lady who is very enchanting. It is my desire that you would be willing to share everything with me. And I will always be willing to listen.”

“Rex, please forgive me. As much as I would like to continue, it’s been a very long day. I am so very fatigued. I really must retire to bed. I’m sure that you will be able to meet with Kyle in the morning.”

“Oh Isobel, I find it hard to believe that you are tired. I am here and I know that you want to tell me more.”

Isobel folded her arms in her lap as she sat back in her chair and starred into the fire.
Rex idly played with the glowing stone while he waited. “Isobel, what are you thinking?”

Isobel struggled with her thoughts before she turned back to Rex. “Rex, you have been very kind for a very long time tonight; you have closely listened to every story that I have told about the kids and about Kyle. This is a trait that I deeply admire. And, while I am very tired, it is true that it’s not every day that one such as me can bend the ear of a handsome lord! But Rex, you are going to think this is silly. I would love to have, well — someone — well, this is silly.”

“Please, what is it that you want?”

Isobel hesitated.

“Isobel, I am here and I want to hear all that you have to say.”

“I don’t know if I should ask you. I mean the stories of your gardens are legendary. There was so much that I could learn… The new moon is so incredibly bright tonight… Would you please let me talk with you about my garden? I want to share some of my ideas with someone, well — someone of your caliber and taste. Please? Could I please do that?”

“Lead on, Lady Isobel, you have my ear and my taste in gardening at your disposal. Please, share on.” Rex said with a low bow.

Isobel was very excited when she heard this and began giggling like a young girl. “I can’t believe that you are willing to do this! Thank you! This means a lot to me.”

Isobel lit a torch from the fire and led Rex to her garden. And, the questions began…

“Which of these herbs grow better together?”

“”What is the best way to rotate the plantings to keep the soil healthy?”

“How can I arrange these flower bulbs and seedlings into patterns that would make the garden look more beautiful?”

“Where can I find some rare and exotic plants?”

“When is the best time to plant the various species of vegetation?”

“What is the best way to fertilize the gardens?”

On and on the questions came, and Rex shared everything that he knew. And he always encouraged her to continue. The minutes turned into hours.

“Isobel, it is such a rare treat that two people can obtain such joy from talking with each other. Please, let your stresses and worries go. I want you to only think about sharing what is on your heart with me.”

“Dear Rex, the hour is late and the twins will be up soon. I need to get some rest.”

“You need to let all of your worries go. Come sit down on this bench with me and tell me everything that is on your heart.”

Isobel hesitated.

“Let your worries go and come sit next to me.”

“Well, okay. But only for a little while. It’s hard to believe that we’ve never really talked before. You have been so kind and so attentive. It’s truly hard to believe. You know most of my thoughts about the garden. And you’ve taught me a great deal.”

“Thank you kind lady.”

“And you are truly a joy to talk with. I shall make every effort to let my worries go and share some more with you.”

“I am truly honored.”

“I need to let my worries go… You know that is not an easy thing for me to do?”

“Think only about how much you want to share with me. Don’t let the other thoughts enter in. Just simply share what is on your heart. You will find this extremely joyous and relaxing.”

“Okay. I will try. It will feel wonderful to let all of those worries go. I can always think about them again in the morning.”


Isobel started to share, slowing at first, then more and more. One topic lead to the next as Isobel continued to share. Then the realization came to Isobel. “I don’t believe that I’ve ever felt this comfortable with sharing what’s on my heart with anyone.”

“You honor me with you words. You know that I want you to feel comfortable and secure with telling me anything and everything.”

“I do feel very safe with you. I feel like I could tell you anything.”

“Yes Isobel, I know that you feel completely comfortable and secure with telling me everything that is on your heart.”

Each topic led deeper and deeper into Isobel’s soul. And, Rex continued to encourage her along the way.

“You are amazing and so attentive and understanding. I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. You have eased my burden tenfold and more.”

“Sweet Isobel. You are as beautiful as you are smart. You have me totally captivated with the moonlight gleaming on your hair. You know that when we talk like this…that nothing else exists.”

“I never knew that anything like this was even possible.”

“You can have my ear and this kind of quality time anytime you want it.”

“I surely want to do this again.”

“I agree. We need to do this again as soon as possible”

“Rex, it can’t be soon enough. I can’t believe that you’ve sat with me all this time!

Thank you so very much…I trust that you know just how much this has meant to me. You are such a wonderful man.”

“Isobel, I would not have it any other way. I have received a great gift from you! I have received your trust and your willingness to share your heart with me. I feel honored and humbled that one such as you is willing to share so much with me.”

Upon hearing these words, Isobel immediately leaned back on the bench, crossed her legs underneath her, and began to run a nervous hand through her hair. Isobel’s face became a sea of emotions.

Rex idly played with the glowing stone as he watched her.

Suddenly, Isobel began to talk to herself, but it was loud enough to hear. “I know that Kyle had warned me not to trust Rex — that there was something wrong with Rex. But I simply can’t believe that. I don’t understand why Kyle would say such things. I’ve been talking with Rex throughout the night. I’ve been talking with Rex like he was my best friend, like we’ve known each other for years. I don’t know why, but I trust Rex so completely that it scares me. I feel like I can share anything with him. With all my heart, I want to share it all with him. How can I make him understand just how much that means to me? But, what about what Kyle said? It’s been so long since I had someone I could talk with like this. How long has it been since I could really share what’s in my heart with someone?”

She stopped a moment, and her eyes widened. “Oh, Rex, I’m sorry. I’ve completely lost my train of thought. What were we just talking about?”

“Well, Isobel. I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but you were just talking aloud. You have just revealed to me what you were thinking.”

Isobel’s face turned crimson red, and she bowed her head and put her hands to her face. “I am so embarrassed! I cannot believe that I said all of those things so that you were able to hear them!”

“Isobel, look at me. You have been talking with me through the night. When you’re with me, you can forget about your worries. Think only of how much you love to share your heart with me. You know that you are safe when you are with me!”

Isobel buried her face further in her hands as she rested her elbows on her knees. Her thoughts continued. “I wasn’t supposed to talk with Rex at all. Yet, with each passing minute, I have wanted to share more and more of myself with him. Kyle told me not to trust Rex. Still, with each passing minute, my trust in Rex continues to grow. I shouldn’t be sharing all of what I have shared with him. But, I continue to share more and more. I wasn’t supposed to be alone with Rex at all. Yet, I’ve done everything that I could to keep him here.”

“Isobel, you can tell me anything. I’ve told you that, in me, you have found someone who is willing, and loves, to listen to what you have to say. You can always talk with me. You can always trust me.”

”Of course, I just spent the entire night talking, so it makes sense that I would not be thinking clearly. What would Kyle say? I’m being so foolish. But indeed, Rex has been so willing to listen and so attentive, and I love that. He does have such wonderful eyes… and he has such a presence … and such strong arms….”

“Isobel, let all of your troubles go and think only of this night and us sitting here.”

Isobel looked like she was trying to get up. Then it looked like she was trying to find something in the garden. She did this for a while. Then suddenly, she just stopped, lifted her face out of her hands, and looked directly into Rex’s eyes.

Rex held her gaze for a long time as he played with the quiet stone. “Isobel, I know that you completely trust me, and that you would tell me anything. I also know you greatly enjoy sharing your heart with me. I greatly value these things. Tell me you trust me, Isobel.”

“Rex, why do you ask such questions? You know that I trust you completely.”

“Isobel, tell me that you love to share your heart with me.”

“Rex, please stop with these questions! You know that it is my desire to share all that is on my heart with you. This is something that I greatly love to do.”

Rex took her hands gently in his. Then, he looked deeply into Isobel’s eyes “Isobel, what do you think of our relationship?”

Isobel didn’t hesitate. “Dear, dear Rex, I won’t say no to you. And, I don’t want to hide anything from you. I want to spend all the time that I can with you. I crave it. I will tell you anything that you want to know. If there is anything that you want, anything that you need; all you have to do is ask! I will do my very best to provide anything for you.”

“Isobel, I have something really important to ask of you.”

“Anything Rex; I will do anything that you ask.”

“My dearest Isobel, we’ve had a wonderful evening, I wouldn’t change anything about it. You’ve talked of a great many things this night. And I am glad of it. You have shared your heart. You have touched my heart. But, there is one thing that you have not shared. We need to talk about …”

Thwomp. Thwomp.

In an instant, everything changed with arrows flying through the air. In one moment Lord Rex was ready to ask Isobel for the very thing that he had been looking for. In the next instant, Lord Rex and Isobel had a brand new battle to fight.

Kyle laid down his bow with a smile. “Problem solved.”

Wayland’s War – 05 Can Grass Move

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