Wayland’s War – a novel by STGrimes – 03 Angergy

Wayland’s War – 02 Blank Canvases

03 Angergy

Calm Serene Crystal Water
Rocks Boulders Splashing Crashing
Water Raging Whitecaps Angry Reactions
Lashing Back      Typhoons      Weather Woes
Feeling Power       Controlling       Boaters Fleeing
Aggressive rumblings intimidations manipulations
Foaming wave crusts break trust of terrified Boaters
Boulders Splashing                                 water surfaces calm
Fear undercurrent            stay away              regrets cascading
Water hiding anger         g r o w i n g           riptides soon to come
Sudden convulsion         offensive blitz           boaters warned away
Crashing splashing        blast them back          push them far away
Revenge I know          Control my world           Revenge I crave
Raging Typhoons at strife my world becomes a lonely place
Hidden rip tides at strife are not hidden and destroy me
Tidal waves at strife fill my friends with fearful terror
My typhoons, riptides and tidal waves destroy me
Cover angry rocks with calm serene crystal
Divert angry energy to your good goals
Choose Wisely. You are never alone

“Eve, what’s wrong with you? What’s this got to do with anything? Let’s see if I can hunt through your sub-routines and find the problem.”

Before I could get my hands to the keyboard, Eve responded. “Analysis complete. More information is required for an adequate response. Please run the following module “Sewing Seeds” and determine if you agree with it’s outcome.”

“Uh, I guess so.”


Wayland’s War – 04 Sewing Seeds

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