A Student’s Tear of Thanks

When politics are praised
and teaching isn’t valued
I hear them tell a teacher
I can hit you! You can’t touch me!
Sit down! Shut up! Don’t get in my way!
You have no real experience!
You are a failure at life!
Here is what
I say
All praise
To God I give
My heart rejoices
For giving you success
For your insightful wisdom
For giving you strength to fight
For showing you how to let me run
For teaching you how to grow my heart
For your knowledge that you pass on to me
For your heartfelt peace that you freely confer
For your wisdom to teach me the value of pain
For your patience to answer all my questions
For all the work you do,whether seen or not
For your joy when no one likes their jobs
And in the midst of storming strife
The critics did not silence you
You still bred in me the will
To make the world
a better place
Thank you

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