Wayland’s War – a novel by STGrimes – Prologue

Wayland’s War (A novel by STGrimes)

New chapters published weekly on Mondays


The polished landscapes of the luxurious room did nothing to banish the unbearable heat of the overpacked room. Yet, no one stirred. Air conditioners wailed in agony as they struggled to make a difference. Yet, no one complained. Chairs were removed to make more room. Yet, no one stirred. Words of “How soon?” and “I can’t wait!” and “Is it true?” filled people’s mouths in place of the breaths that were held.

He walked quietly out with shoulders hunched and a painful limp.

No one clapped. No one spoke. Their awed silence was deafening.

He pushed himself onto the podium and looked up for the first time. His haunting, hunted eyes were all that people could see. “Hi. My name’s Wayland, but you already know that. If you’re looking for some sort of a hero or looking for someone to pull you out of the wilderness of a pathetic life, get out. I’m not him.”

No one moved. No one spoke. They all patiently waited.

Welcome to Wayland’s War.


Wayland’s War Home Page

Chapter 01 – Beginnings


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