Can you get back life’s first kiss after it has been stolen?

Do you remember life’s first kiss.
Magical moments. Life was bliss.
Friendship was warm. Hearts were inviting.
Words flowed in torrents. Touches were exciting.
We never, ever wanted to part.
Ribbons of joy were just the start.

and now

Life’s messages are blaring and declaring
that we’re not happy! We’ll start straying.
I am concerned. I need your appraisal,
Am I okay? Do I have your approval?
But your caring words are causing a spasm,
because your words are filled with sarcasm.

and now

Desperate support is what I request.
What I receive is a torrential inquest.
My rights and my needs are what I now crave.
and you’re not acting like you should behave.
Carping and faultfinding are not in our pact.
I need to tell you how you should now act.

and now

We’re endlessly sad and terminally tired.
Friendship moments are all but expired.
Connected through our angry exchanges.
Pain increases and peace just ceases.
Now pain turns to fear and infects our thoughts
and fear filters words into blood clots.

and now

We’re experts at all our horrible words
that shred our hearts just like those swords.
Friendly attempts are met with contempt.
There’s never a word that isn’t exempt.
Now I won’t help you and you won’t help me.
You are are nothing and I need to flee.

and now

Finally I see what my friends told me.
Intelligent boundaries make up the right key.
The bible is a guidebook for each transaction.
Give love for hate and proceed with caution.
Don’t assume. Check all the facts. And control oneself.
And forgive all the wrongs to heal yourself.
and wait for the healing
it will take some time

and now

Life has given us another first kiss.
Moments are magical and life is bliss.
Friendship bands are warm and inviting.
Words flow in torrents and touches are exciting.
Our lives are full and amazing and sweet.
Ribbons of joy and now we’re complete.

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