My Love, We Celebrate You

In times gone past, centuries now,
and those good years we’ve yet to see,
countless numbers have tried to express
their deep abiding eternal love.

I’ve seen their words and know they’re true,
but those are not the words I use.
For you are special in word and deed
and you deserve to know the truth.

Our God shows us his perfect love,
and you reflect so much of that.
You are the sunrise in my life.
You are the wind that cools me off.

I love you more than the sands in the sea.
I love you you more than the stars in the sky.
Yet with that love I know there’s more
and I look forward to growing with you.

The children are blessed to call you mom.
In giving, caring teaching, and play,
they cherish all you do for them.
Thank you God for one GREAT mom!

Now on this day we celebrate you
for God did give us a wonderful gift.
Thank you for all you given and shared.
Thank you for all your shining love!

Happy Birthday times one million!
Every day and every way
we want you to know, we truly love you!
And we are thankful and celebrate you!

We love you
Happy Birthday

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