Feel sorry for yourself or do something about it!

All of us have at least one thing in common. We all have times in our lives when things get really bad. It’s during that point in your life that you will have to answer this question. Will you sit there and feel sorry for yourself? Or, will you do something about it?

Here is a picture of The Sad Clown by Aiden Ivanov. It describes rather well how I was feeling.

The Sad Clown by Aiden Ivanov

Come along with me to a time in my life when things were really rough.

My three kids, all under ten years old, ran away from the dinner table. “Best dinner ever dad! Thanks!” I stared at the empty plates that were once filled with hamburger helper. How long would I be able to keep putting hamburger into it? Day care expenses were brutal. It was like having another mortgage payment. I slumped back into my chair. My bills were twice as much as my income. I buried my face into my hands. I felt like I was in prison with nowhere to turn. My self-confidence was at an all time low.

What would you do if you were working a full-time job and had three children under 10 to support? What would you do if your bills were twice as much as your income? Tough questions! I did know one thing. Something was about to break! I just didn’t know what it was going to be.

When faced with this situation, some people get angry and hurt people. Some people turn to crime. One thing for sure, if I turn to either of those options, all that will do is hurt three kids who are already hurting from a bad situation.

What did I do? I didn’t spend all day in the kitchen feeling sorry for myself. I’ll tell you that. I had friends all around me who gave me hope. My friends helped me.

It was time for me to learn a new skill and I needed to find help to learn it. I started my own wood working business building wood cabinetry. I went to the library and got reading books for the kids and books on woodworking for me. I went to events and stores and picked the brains of anyone that I could find that would help me to learn. I slowly gathered the tools that I would need to run the business. I built wood cabinetry and furniture on top of working a full time job and taking care of three little kids.

Working amazing hard, I discovered something totally unexpected. I discovered a passion that I truly loved. And, the work didn’t seem so hard.

Now, I’m once again sitting down at the dinner table serving my kid’s favorite meal, hamburger helper. I’m not worried anymore about having enough hamburger. I look up to God and say, “Next time I won’t wait till a bad situation to discover all of the new and wonderful things that you have planned for me.”

Thank you God
For the friends that you have blessed us with
For the unique skills and strengths that we all possess
For the miracle of hope for our next step
Thank you for the power of hope
(see Hope – http://wp.me/p2tkYv-5L)

Thank you God


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