Struck by lightning – that changes you!

What does God’s voice sound like to me? Come along with me and find out!

John and I were standing at the edge of a beach on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. We were surrounded by majestic green trees. The sand was white and the water was clear and beautiful. We were looking at the swimming docks in front of us and the four 15 foot Mercury sailboats moored out on the water. It was a truly beautiful place. I loved it there.

As we were looking out across the water, we watched the sky get dark and then turn black. I’d never seen a storm like this before. We watched as the storm started to travel across the lake. It was a bad one – wind and rain and thunder and lightning. I swear that lake was two feet higher inside the wall of that storm. It was truly impressive.

Then I heard a counselor run up: out of breath and a look of fear. “We have to save the boat! We have to save the boat!”

I’m sure that when God looks at me, He just shakes His head in wonder. I’ve made some pretty bad decisions in my life, but this one has to be on top of the list.

The counselor convinced us to jump into a metal rowboat with a motor during a severe thunder and lightning storm. Yes, I said a metal rowboat on the water during a severe thunder and lightning storm. And we had to travel 50 yards out into the lake to get to the distressed sailboat.

We were almost to the sailboat when the storm hit us. I discovered a whole new meaning to the words “Sink or Swim.” If we didn’t jump out of the rowboat right then, the rowboat was going to sink.

Into the water we went. The waves were high. The rain was pelting us. I have no idea how we got to the sailboat, but we both did.

We were hanging on the side of the sailboat when the mooring let loose. The sailboat was now drifting with the waves. We decided that the best thing to do was to swim-push the boat, with the current, to another beach.

I was standing in four feet of water when the lightning hit and went right through me. It was hard to think of anything after that.

Then, from out of nowhere, I heard the voice of the camp director. How he got there. I have no idea. But, he was about the calmest person that you would ever see. And, just about the wisest too. He cupped his hands to his mouth and said. “You should come out of the water now.”

“Wow! What a great idea.”

Ever since that day, when God calls me, it sounds just like that camp director calling me out of the water during a storm.

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