God, are You even there?

I called to you and you were not there.
I went to my knees and pleaded for naught.
I bent my face to the ground and only tasted dust.
Where are you? Why have you hidden your face?
Day after day I distress for you and nothing responds.

Where are you? Are you not a God of Love?
Have you not promised to take care of me?
Have you not promised to bless me richly?
Why do you hide your answers from me?
Am I merely spitting into the wind?

Then one day I sat down at my computer.
I reached my hands for the keys yet the keys stole away.
I looked to the screen and I became overwhelmed.
There’s too much information – too much attacks me.
Day and night the relentless beast spews at me.
Meaningless facts and figures blur my vision.
Stories and complaining crush my heart.
Make it go away! Make it go away.
There’s too much. I cannot bare it.

Suddenly one book sails into my vision.
One book pushes aside the facts and figures.
One book crushes the complaining and criticisms.
The one book held every other piece of information at bay.
I was amazed. What is this book?

I voice came to me. “It is the Word of The Lord.”
I was incredulous. “I’ve tried to read the bible. It makes no sense.”

The voice quietly answered. “How can it if you do not try to read it?
You have pleaded to me, yet you do not listen.
I give you gifts, and you let them rot.
I try to pull you under my wings, and you run away.
Are you pleading for me to bless your disobedience?
I have always been here. I have never gone.
You have my words, read them.
You have my stories, know them.
You have my laws, understand them.
Get to know me, and let me be your friend.
Get to know me, and learn to trust my words.
Get to know me, and discover my mighty hope.
I have what you need.”

I called to you, and found you sitting next to me.
I pleaded to you, and felt your mighty hugs.
I bent my face to the ground, and I felt your tears.
Where are you? Right here. And I never knew.
With you I find forgiveness and peace.
With you I find everything that I need.

Thank you is not enough, but it is all I have to give.

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