All of us are filled with faith – whether Christian or not! Where is your faith?

I poked my head out, took a look around, and realized that it was hopeless. So, I went back to bed and pulled the covers over my head. Without faith, that is what every day would look like. Whether you believe in God or not, you can’t live without faith.

What is faith

God created us with the ability to think, to acquire knowledge, and to discern truth. God wants us to use our minds. Do you accept things as truth simply because someone who you admire says that it’s true? Do you consider all of the possibilities and come to your own conclusions?

You have to have faith in someone or something before you can come to any conclusion.

I want to challenge you today. I want you to find your faith, wherever it may be, and I want you to take a good look at what or who you place your faith in.

I just did a search on “faith” in My search yielded 4 dictionary definitions, “Faith based life lifestyles”, “Learn about faith in God”, “My faith journey”, and 530,000,000 other results. But, who cares? Those are just words on a computer screen. From the computer’s perspective, they are just ones and zeros.

What does your faith look like?

Faith is the confidence or trust in a person or thing. Right now, I have faith that my chair won’t break as I’m typing this. And, I hope that your chair doesn’t break as you’re reading this.

Think about your day today. What or who did you place your faith in? Do you have confidence or trust in your car, your bicycle, the roof over your head? Do you have faith in your computer or your phone? Maybe it’s your skills and abilities to work or to go to school? Maybe you’ve put a lot of faith in your favorite team? Maybe it’s the music you listen to or play? Do you have faith in your friends?

Spend ten minutes answering this question, “What or who do I have confidence and trust in?” Write down whatever comes to your mind, don’t filter anything! No one else has to see this list. Then, read what you wrote. You will be surprised!

Understanding your faith and what you place your faith in is a central building block for your life.

Faith is confidence and trust. Our success in work, in relationships, in everyday life is based on what, and how much, faith we possess. Knowing where you place your faith in a key step in moving forward.

If you don’t know what or who you place your confidence or trust in, how do you know that you’re not just floating downstream, with the current, away from your dreams?

What is faith to you?
What did you learn that surprised you?
What questions do you have about faith?
Where are you going to find the answers to your questions?

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