Have I Closed my Eyes to Peace?

What is there left to praise upon in this empty place
where deception is the norm, I fear, and character is dead?
I need to know just where to find any decent thing.
So I did type my anguished plea to my social friends.
I sent my plea unto the world, but nothing did reply.

I loudly sighed and stopped the ride and quickly walked away.
My wants and needs did fill my mind. How can I get them met?
Anxious sweat did cling to me as I looked for peace.
I saw so many happy souls that glowed with what I wanted.
“Why do they get so great a prize and I am just ignored?”

And then a fox did speak to me “Envy is a bore.
With envy’s greed and idyllic stare, you’ll never be content.
It looks inside and never out and only sees your need.
It always works for what they have and always wants for more.
And when you work for something else you’ll miss the skills you have.”

I tried to speak unto the fox, but she did run away.
That horrid thought she spoke to me, cut me to the core.
I do not look to strengths I have, envy looks at theirs.
When I compare my skills to theirs its envy speaking up.
I need to see just what I have and where I want to go.

And when I stopped comparing skills, my eyes did finally open.
I finally stopped and looked around at what I always saw.
Breathtaking works of art appeared, hidden in plain sight.
Discarded sounds ignored by all, turned into symphonies.
Coveted skills that I did crave, turned into points of praise.

With envy gone, admiration appeared and then I praised their gifts.
And when that praise did reach my lips then peace did find my heart.
And when that heart felt peace appeared I clearly saw the light
that shines upon a glowing path that takes me to my vision.
And now I see my world is full because of opened eyes.

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