The Song of My Heart

A mystery in the night, something pulls at my heart.
Sensed on the tip of my tongue, but unknown to my mind.
The song moves slowly on.

My stomach begins to roll and the heat begins to rise.
Where should I go when life is slowing down?
I look up to see pictures of people going crazy happy at an event.
Where is that in me?
Where is my mark on the world?
The song is slowing down.

I’m ashamed of what I’ve become.
I sat there and let life pass me by.
All of the grand schemes that I dreamed of,
All the spectacular plans that I laid out,
Are still lying there untouched.
I never took the time to try them out.
The time is getting late and the song is almost stopped.

What am I to do now?
Perhaps I should just sit back and watch some more TV.
I cannot hear my song.

Something bursts and I shoot right up.
I can’t lie down. I can’t give up.
Never lie down! Never surrender!
My song has not yet stopped!

What is the calling of my heart?
I’ve hated so much, I will show love.
I’ve judged so much, I will forgive.
I’ve attacked my neighbors, I’ve make it right.
I’ve ignored my family, I’ll give my time.
My song has not yet stopped!

Breath deep now and hear my song.
Breath deep now and answer my calling.
Stand up and take that risk.
God has given me a wonderful gift.
Stand up and discover His miracles.
Stand up and make my dreams a reality.
My song is loud and clear.

I’ve found that crazy happy event.
I’ve answered the calling of my heart.
And God was there to light the way for me.


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