They’re Waiting to Take You

Shallow at best
Did it all your life
Never did it well
The predators
You’re feeding them
They’ll destroy you
Worrying now
Anxiousness sets in
Anger is here
They’ll take it all
Too tired now
Don’t believe me
Keep not breathing
Feed your stress
Breathe deep
Fight for your peace
Breath deep for five 1000
Fight for your freedom
Breathe deep
Breathe deep for ten 1000
Breathe life into your dying world
With each deeper breath, watch worry flee
Realize that we belong to something greater then ourselves
Feel the anxiousness turning into a slow moving stream
Let peace be the umpire in your life
Always practice breathing deep
Feel the new energy inside
Breath deep
Breath deeper
Feel the new joy and love
Feel your body coming back to life
Discover the hidden world around you
Breathe deep and don’t let them take you
Breathe deep and discover the freedom of new life

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