Toxic Thieves and Silver Linings

On this night it is not right as waking terrors are waiting.
They crept right in and caused a din and do not want to leave me.
So up I rise and walk into the bedroom of my innocent little angels,
but the beds are empty and sounds are gone and I am quite distressed.

My breathing stops and my eyes are wide and my heart beats in my ears.
Where could they be? Where have they flown? I hope that they are okay.
Suddenly, it occurs to me, I hear whispers in the closet.
Three huddled figures are terrified of a stranger in the living room.

I am confused. I am concerned. What really did awaken me?
I calm my kids and assure them too and keep them in the closet.
I retrace my steps back to my room and pick up a club from the closet.
I walk on down to the living room and come face to face with a thief.

Moments come and moments go as waking terrors assault me.
What can I do? Where can I go to protect my kids from the thief?
Then suddenly it dawns on me that that it’s not the kids he’s after.
I shake with fear and burn with rage at the thief who has stolen my wife.

Now she’s gone and left me here and abandoned the children to me.
Her child support is just a joke. She can’t even hold down a job.
The only gift she’s giving to me is a massive dose of bitterness.
She’s rude. She’s mean and quite obscene. The woodworker can have her.

Day after day the struggles rage as bitterness fights against hope.
Cascades of pain envelope me just like a massive black cloak.
There’s nothing to say and nothing to do to rid me of this burden.
Despair is there and depression too. Oh what can I do to cope?

I am so tired, I’m barely awake. How can I raise these three children?
The daycare bills are killing me. They’re higher then my mortgage.
What can I do? Where can I go to put some food on the table?
One job, now two, oh make it three and we struggle to survive.

I scream at God and yell at God and tell Him that it’s not fair.
I don’t deserve this brutal quest! Why do I have to experience it?
How can You be a loving God and let these terrible things happen?
You can’t be there, standing there, and doing nothing to help me.

Then suddenly a friend is here to teach me all about hope.
Hope is, you see, the one true thing that fights the dark clouds of trials.
One day, one step, and pray for some hope. This indeed will carry me.
One day one step to raise three kids and time will heal all the wounds.

I pray for hope more then ten times a day and fight the brutal bitterness.
It’s opening my eyes to hope helping me and giving me strength to cope.
Now I see my friends helping me in so many different ways
Helping to sew and helping to cook and giving me tips for the children.
Now I know that I’m not alone friends are there to help me.

Hope is not some squishy wish but strong and confident expectations.
Hope tells us we’re not alone, there’s always someone to help us.
Find hope in what He’s teaching to us. Find hope in His helping hands.
Find hope in compassion and hope in the love of our friends.
Oh when will we learn, when will we know, that together we are stronger.

We need to see we go through trials because we choose our own paths.
Freedom of choice is our greatest gift. We can not take it for granted.
Where our strength is gone, other’s begin, and hope helps us to see that.
In the hands of friends, we help each to mend. We are just one big family.

Look for the hope. It helps us to cope. It is the silver lining.


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