The Ancient River and The Old Brick School

The old brick school and the ancient river greeted each other daily. The greetings started off quite tentatively as they grew to know each other. There were those days when the ancient river enjoyed a lazy day. The old brick school fought it at first, “important tasks” were at hand.

After a time, the old brick building saw the wisdom of the ancient river and learned the importance of taking time in between tasks to slow down. Then there were other times at school when the pace was crazy hectic like the very first bell of the very first day of school with students everywhere. During those times, the river learned the importance of class 5 rapids.

The two finally learned that they each knew things that the other did not. They were tentative at first, but a deep trust finally blossomed.

Then one day, a horrible thing happened. Anger invaded the old school. Words of rage and disgust came from the school towards the river. The river could think of nothing that it did to deserve such an onslaught of hate. Then suddenly the school would grow nice again, but the rage quickly returned.

The old brick school gave a perfectly logical explanations each and every time. But, the river did not understand. It was a very uncomfortable time. The school understood its own words. Yet no one else could make any sense of them. Everyone knows that logic and rage simply do not work with each other.

Then one day the land in front of the school grew thick with brush and thorns and the river could not see or talk to or get comfort from its old friend. This made the river so sad that it began to turn white and fill with more and more silt.

The old brick school could no longer see the river through the brush and thorns that it had erected with all of the hateful and “perfectly logical” words of rage. The old brick school could not see that it was slowly losing an old and dear friend. The ancient river held out for as long as it could. Then one day it happened. The silt became so thick that the river ceased to flow in front of the old brick school.

Words of hate and rage build barriers that logic simply can not define.
Words of hate and rage destroy relationships that logic cannot rebuild.
Words of hate and rage rearrange the landscapes of our lives to things we do not want.


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