Finding the Courage to Take the Next Step

Where is your face to lead me through this plight?
How long must I endure the constant strife?
I know the tasks that you have given to me.
Yet why must I endure them on my own?
Where do I find the strength to carry on?

Please share with me the secrets of your ways.
What lessons exist that I must take to heart?
Am I quite blind to see Your miracles here?
Am I so deaf that I can’t hear Your words?
Or is your goal to burn the bad from me?

Where can I find some courage to carry on?
Then suddenly a friend does think about me.
He gives a book about the power of prayer.
I read the book discover many new things
about a friend who wants to care for me.

Each step I take I learn this lesson anew.
Every day I face those trials that bring me down,
but strength and courage are things I get from you.
I get them through my prayers and talking with you.
You give me all I need through times of prayer.

Praise and confession, thanksgiving, and making requests
and reading Your word out loud, that’s real prayer.

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