Carpe Diem – Seize the day!

Solemnly sitting on the bus, watching my life pass by.
Scene after scene showing its gleam, unfolds before my eyes.
Respected words from respected friends keeping me on the bus.
The plethora of reasons to stay on the bus are all perfectly clear.


Warriors rule inside my head and touch what cannot be touched.
They laugh at me and mock at me “how long can this be ignored?
You dig the same ruts and follow their paths, you really are not alive.
Carpe Diem they say! Seize the day! Please now get off the bus.”


It is not wise to get off the bus, there’s too much that’s bad out there.
There’re grizzly bears and venomous snakes and wolves and bugs and gnats.
And my friends say no. The money is bad. It’s simply not worth the risk.
I’m afraid of change. I can’t make the grade. I can’t get off the bus.


The still small voice inside my soul has been talking to me all along.
I have not listened. I have not heard, but now I am going to try.
“You ignore my words and ignore my voice, but look it’s perfectly clear.
The exit sign is hanging there right in front of your face.”


How can I trust? How can I hope? How can I go out there?
But He has shown me where and how, and takes good care of me.
How long I wonder will excuses be made to keep me from my dreams?
When will I get the bright idea it is my dream to get off the bus.

don’t be still

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