Today, I Saw Your Hope

Dear Father,

Praise be to your holy name: the giver of life, the great teacher, wonderful counselor, the great I Am, the author of all things good, the giver of unexplainable joy and peace, the giver of powerful grace, the perfect judge, the giver of freedom.

I’m focusing up on the hope that you provide that fills me with the confident expectations of the care that you provide, of the visions that in the end I will win this battle because of you, and of the way you constantly teach me and make life worth living.

I’m focusing up on the amazing good that I see in the world. Today I saw a dear friend having a panic attack. My friend had just received terrible news and didn’t know where to turn. I tried to help, but I knew not the words that could bring some relief. It hurt me to see such distress. Then my friend went to an appointment that had been cancelled without notice. Bad turned to worse until my friend stopped in a store for no reason. There, in front of my friend, was the perfect person who had the perfect words to heal a broken heart. Thank you for our friends who are there when we need them most.

I’m focusing up on your perfect world. Today I closed my eyes and experienced the titanic flood of experiences that make up a world where sin does not exist. It was the briefest of glimpses. Still, I was cut through the core at how corrupt I am, even on my best of days. The more I learn, the more I know that I cannot possibly lift my head to see the confident expectations of what awaits your children. Yet, even the briefest of glimpses heals my heart and brings peace to my embattled mind. Please help me to raise my weary head into your healing vision.

I’m focusing up on your teachings. Today I was filled with so much distress. Today I spent the day pounding square pegs into round holes. If only I could get someone to listen to me, I could save my company so much time and resources. But, I was just a voice in the wilderness screaming into the burning wind. Nothing I said made any difference. Then, you sent me a podcast that explained how Jesus was a humble servant to us. I was cut to the quick. How proud and arrogant I was. As soon as I changed my attitude, my day miraculously turned around. But, we both know that was you. Thank you for your daily teachings to help me to grow,

With each step I see the power of the grace that you provide. I’ve done nothing to merit Your constant caring that I so desperately need. So, I thank you all the more. Please use my hands and my voice to let others see your relentless love for us.

Today, I saw your hope. Thank you.

Your wayward child,

1 Peter 1:13 AMP “So brace up your minds; be sober (circumspect, morally alert); set your hope wholly and unchangeably on the grace (divine favor) that is coming to you when Jesus Christ (The Messiah) is revealed.”

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